Berkshire Pigs

Elvis and the Girls smOur first pig Polly arrived on the farm in August 2011 and she is now one of four sows. Tina, Viv and Annabelle keep her company, along with Elvis our boar! Our pigs have continual access to lush pasture on the farm and also enjoy high quality fresh milk from our dairy cows.  We also grow a few extra veges for them too.  These pigs are free range, and that’s in a paddock to boot, for their whole life! We do not put rings in their noses, but instead rotate them through the farm. We like to say,” These pigs sure do have the good life!” Each time a sow has a litter we are blessed with 10 or so little piglets, fun for the whole family indeed.

pollyand piglets smallBerkshire pigs are a heritage breed that were prominent amongst the pig breeds brought into New Zealand by European settlers, arriving at least as early as 1846.  They were bred by crossing British pigs with Chinese stock introduced into Britain in the 1700s. The high quality of meat is attributed to their good fat to lean meat ratio.  They have been called the Wagyu of pigs.  All we can say is, “That bacon sure does taste good, and you can’t buy it like that in the supermarkets! Berkshire Pigs are known as the Lady’s Pig, because of their gentle nature and good temperament.  We often find ourselves in the paddock with our pigs giving them a good ol’ scratch and they generally flop on their side hoping it never stops!